Dentless Repair

  Can Paint Need Repair Even if Your Car Doesn't Have a Dent?

Cars are subject to all sorts of mishaps, and many of them don't involve collisions, hail, or other dent-causing damage. Therefore, dentless paint repair is very common. If your car has scraped against something, been keyed, or even spent years in the sun, dentless repair is what you'll need to make it look right again.


If you have repaired some of your car's body yourself, such as by replacing an entire door or hood, you'll also need to have it painted. These paint jobs are easier than some because there's no underlying damage on the new part. However, getting the new piece to match the rest can require some effort.


Matching new paint to old is one of the costliest parts of dentless paint repair. That's because the edges of the newly-painted part have to be blended into the edges of the parts that have the old paint. This often expands the area to be painted beyond one body part and into those that adjoin it. One of the easiest ways to save money is to accept a non-feathered paint job. The new part will be obvious for a few years, but usually, the difference won't be all that bad. This, of course, assumes that both areas are painted in the original factory color.


There's no need to have dents in your car to have a collision shop do painting for you. In fact, since such shops have all of the equipment needed for painting, they are perfectly set up for this type of work. They will also be happy to handle dentless paint repair jobs since they are easier and faster to do. Just call a shop today to get an estimate.