Door Ding Repair

  What is Involved in Door Ding Repair?

Door dings are some of the most common types of dents that cars acquire. This is because they can happen even when your car is parked, so being a careful driver doesn't do much to lower the chance of having them occur. If someone parks next to you and opens a door into yours, there's a ding. Rocks being kicked up by cars passing you on the street can also cause them.


Fixing door dings typically involves pushing the metal back into position from the back side of the door. This is the side that isn't visible when the door is fully assembled. By doing it this way, damage to the paint is avoided, as is the need to use filler for the ding. Therefore, most door ding repairs are paintless. In fact, much of the dent repair near me is done this way, whether or not it is for door dings.


If a door ding has caused a scrape or other damage to the paint, then the main door ding repair is still done the same way. However, in these cases, the area must be repainted. This not only eliminates the risk of rust, but hides the bare metal and ensures that the door ends up looking like it was never damaged.


Whether or not your door ding involves paint damage, it can almost always be fixed without the need for extensive work. One company that does dent repair near me, Meridian Dent Repair, specializes in doing such work without the use of fillers or new paint. Give them a call or stop by for an estimate. They'll be glad to tell you if your door damage qualifies for the paintless process.