Paintless Dent Removal

  Can Your Car be Fixed with Paintless Dent Removal?

There are several ways to fix dents in cars, and matching the right one to the damage helps to ensure that the repair will hold for the long term. It can also save money, because many dents are suitable for paintless dent removal.
With paintless dent removal, the damage is fixed by pushing the metal into the proper position from the backside of the affected panel. This eliminates the need to use filler on the dent, and therefore, eliminates the need for repainting. The method will work as long as the original paint is intact.
Dents that can be fixed this way include hail damage, certain damage from rocks hitting the car, and some minor collision damage. Collisions with stationary objects are more likely to be able to be fixed paintlessly than ones with other moving cars.
If a dent also has paint gouges, then repainting will be needed along with dent removal. The same is true for those that have sharp edges or deep enough to have stretched the original paint. Deep dents may need filler and repainting, as well. Also, if a dent affects a fiberglass part, there is a chance that the affected area will be cracked. In that case, it will at least need filler to hide the crack, and therefore, repainting.
As this shows, not all dents qualify for paintless dent removal. However, many of the dings that come from daily driving can indeed be fixed this way. Therefore, you shouldn't assume that you'll need a repaint job as well as a dent removal procedure. Instead, have us evaluate the damage and give you our estimate. Then, you'll know for sure what you're dealing with.